Welcome to CiviSpark

Hello, there. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jordan Sparks. I’m a Canadian Multimedia Artist & Designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have a Master of Arts in Media Production as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media. However, while I am an artist by trade, some things I’ve found fascinating since childhood include civics, law, social issues, and politics. So much so that I’d research them in my spare time. In some cases, I’ve even made art about political issues in an attempt to inspire people.

In mid-2016, I made a self-vow that I would invest more of my time into creating political content in 2017 due to my growing discontent of the political and media climate and the alarming implication that large numbers of citizens in many countries including my own have no idea how political systems work, the function of civic institutions, or the wider impact of social issues. This extends into my artwork, as those familiar with my creative practice may be very much aware about. As 2016 drew to a close, I doubled-down on this vow. In a world of social injustice, dangerous propaganda, and civic distress, I believe that political illiteracy is a dangerous threat to the principles many of us hold dear and take for granted. As someone who also values education, I’ve very much wanted to make an outlet to teach people, express my own editorials, and demonstrate my research about the subject.

CiviSpark is part of that initiative. Named after the latin word for Civics, Civis, and my surname, CiviSpark aims to feature both opinion pieces, cited research essays about politics and social issues, and educational posts explaining how political systems work in an attempt to engage more people in the political process. I’m not asking for your agreement in whatever I post, but I am asking that you treat my texts with as open a mind as I keep about the world.

Just as I have made Games for Social Change, I want CiviSpark to be a Blog for Social Change. I hope that through this blog, both you and I can discover more about the political process together and that, through learning and better understanding these pillars of our world, we can make the world a better place.

Thank you and I hope you’ll follow me on this endeavor.

Kind Regards,
Jordan Sparks
Artist Portfolio
Spark Comics


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